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Les Chalets du Parc accommodation in Gaspé is ideal for your touristic visit to Forillon National Park and Rocher Percé in Quebec.

Les Chalets du Parc, in the heart of the Forillon National Park, Canada, in the Gaspe Peninsula offers you a comfortable stay on the shores of  Penouille peninsula.

Our unique sites border the Forillon National Park and are a private initiative independent from the Park Forillon. Les Chalets du Parc span two sites close one each other on the southern end of the park and are called Bord de la Baie and Plage de Penouille.  


We are at 20 minutes drive to Gaspe and 60 minutes drive to Perce. Our beach-side cottages offer a great view of the water of Gaspé Bay. Our main assets we offer are comfort, a great view and easy access to all surrounding activities and day trips. 


On the Bord de la Baie site (chalets of brown colors) we have Privilege chalets which are in front of the site and offering a view of the Bay of Gaspé without obstruction, on this same site also we have identical chalets but with a partial view. The chalets on this site have one (1) bedroom.

The site has its charm, with its view of the town of Gaspé with the Gaspe Mountains in the background, it is a flat land and have access to a small beach allowing swimming, walking and the possibility of making a fire in an intimate corner, and the site also offers a daily show with the water birds passing by.


On the Plage de Penouille site (colorful cottages) we have chalets arranged on three rows of mountainsides, the view is unobstructed and from there we took the pictures of the cruise ships presented in our website. We have chalets with one, two, three and four bedrooms.

The site offers a larger view of the Bay of Gaspé, the terrain is sloping and the public beach Penouille (magnificent peninsula that enters into the bay) is just opposite and can be reached by foot. It is a beautiful place to walk on the beach or in the forest or cycle on the bike path.

Our history

Our company is private and has over 40 years of history. It is the result of the initiative of a Gaspé family, Mr. Wellie Gauthier and his wife, Mrs. Lorraine Deroy, both from Matane, who came to Gaspésie annually with family and friends to go camping. A few years after the creation of Forillon National Park, the Gauthier family brought to life "Les Petites Maisons du Parc" on the current site of Bord de la Baie. From a first chalet, it followed the development of other chalets on a second site (Plage de Penouille) and today the company is called Les Chalets du Parc and has 33 chalets spread over two sites with each its charm and distinct atmosphere.

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Our mission


At Les Chalets du Parc, we are committed to warmly welcoming our customers, offering them a range of specific services related to their stay, offering tourist accommodation for summer vacations in fully-equipped and clean chalets. functional near Forillon Park, Gaspé and Percé, to present the Gaspé in all its splendor. Our exceptional and enchanting location with breathtaking views of the water and access to the sea allows visits to several regional tourist attractions.

Our ideal client


We design and maintain our chalets and our sites with the profile of a client in mind who is looking for a functional, clean, and stylish product, respectful of the environment and of our indoor and outdoor facilities, who comes to take advantage of his holidays and who understands that here we live to the rhythm of nature. He is understanding, friendly and in love with well-being, simplicity and authenticity, and appreciates the efforts of the individuals who work at Chalets du Parc.

Our client should expect to stay in a chalet and in places with history. 


Dates and opening hours

  • opening dates

    From 5/15/21 to 10/15/21
    From June 21 to mid-July and from September 1 to 15 (3 nights minimum) no arrivals on Sunday.
    From mid-July to the end of August (fixed periods of 6 nights with arrival and departure dates pre-established by the establishment).
    2 night minimum outside of these specified periods.

  • opening hours

    Monday : 09:00-18:00
    Tuesday : 09:00-18:00
    Wednesday : 09:00-18:00
    Thursday : 09:00-18:00
    Friday : 09:00-18:00
    Saturday : 09:00-18:00
    Sunday : 09:00-18:00

Check-in / Check-out

From 4:00 pm, no later than 11:00 am


We accept all payment methods