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Walk at Penouille

At the chalet

Prices : Gratuit

Penouille has a lovely trail by the beach accessible for taking a peaceful walk and observing the natural scenery of the Gaspe bay. Boats and birds can also be sighted! This peninsula is going in the Gaspe Bay.  When big boat are coming in Gaspe we feel we can touch them when we are at the end of the peninsula.


From the parking lot of Penouille, it takes twenty minutes to walk to the end.  The vegetation next to the beach is a Taïga, it is unique to find this at the level of the sea at this latitude.  It is more a nordique vegetation type.  Penouille early in the morning of at the sun set or at any time it just a beautiful place. It is possible to rent bicycle and paddle board. 


A lot of our client from our Plage de Penouille site walk there form their chalet with their towels in hand and spend some time to the beach or only for a fast swing after a long day walk in the park.  It is five minutes drive or twenty minutes walk from our Bord de la Baie site.